On March 18, an iPhone caught fire and burned a young girl’s face while she was in bed. A faulty wall socket, non-genuine products? Apple investigates what happened

Amie Hall is a 17-year-old English teenager who gave an interview on Birmingham Live this week in which she recounted her (bad) experience with Apple.

In fact, the girl reported a burn to her face due to her iPhone which literally caught fire. Amie was in bed and after a few sparks her duvet caught fire with flames reaching her face.

As stated, both the cable and the power supply were original. The problem probably originated from the wall outlet. An Apple spokesperson said the company is already investigating the issue: “Apple takes the safety of its customers very seriously. We are already in contact with the girl to find out what really happened “.

Meanwhile, Apple continues to urge users to be wary of using counterfeit chargers. This does not mean that those of third parties approved and certified by the relevant bodies cannot be used, but those that reproduce the Apple design and that are often sold as originals are absolutely to be avoided. A careful aesthetic analysis or reading the model code is enough to understand if a product is original or not. This guide from Apple may be useful to you.

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