The Cupertino giant presented the news of the next version of the operating system for the iPhone.

The awaited WWDC this year, dedicated as usual to the new versions of the operating systems of Apple devices, opened with iOS 15. No revolution, but many innovations presented by Craig Federighi.


During the global health crisis, applications for making video calls proved to be of fundamental help. Among these, of course, also FaceTime.

On the App Store there is certainly no shortage of solutions for video calling friends and relatives, but FaceTime could soon become the first choice of most users. The cupertino giant, for the new version of its platform, has introduced spatial audio, useful for listening to who is on the other side in a totally improved way. In group video calls, then, the app will automatically zoom in on the participant of the call who is speaking. There will then be an option to cancel background noise, resulting in a noticeable improvement in audio. Portraid Mode will take care of the better the video quality.

Another novelty is FaceTime Links. This is a new system that will allow people to join a video conference through a shared link, without using a phone number and / or email address. Android or Windows users can also be added using a web browser.

SharePlay, on the other hand, is a new tool for listening and watching content together with other people, sharing the screen of the iPhone and iPad with them, perhaps to receive assistance. For example, during a video call, you can launch the Music application and play a song that all participants can hear. They can then change songs, pause and so on. The same goes for video content.

Finally, with the SharePlay API, developers will be able to add support to the new features just described in their applications. Partners already announced include Disney +, Twitch, ESPN + and HBO Max.


Slightly revised is the Messages application. For example, the interface for viewing content sent or received in chat is new, with iOS 15 visible in stacks. The result is an album, which allows interaction with the individual elements that compose it.

New entry is the Share With You tool, integrated into all system applications and useful for viewing shared items through the Messages app.


As useful as they may be, mobile devices (including iPhones) are also strong disturbances. For this reason, iOS 15 can help the user stay focused only on the important things.

In this regard, the notifications of the operating system have been slightly renewed. “Summary of Notifications” creates a single summary that occupies a large part of the Notification Center and brings together all the most important notifications, showing – for example – the one with a deadline first.

Focus is Apple’s new system designed to help its users customize their user experience based on what they’re doing. For example, you can set Work mode to show job-related notifications only. The Personal mode, on the other hand, only shows messages from friends and relatives, ignoring the rest.

When a Focus is set on one device, it is automatically set on all others associated with the same Apple account.


With iOS 15, when you take a picture of a blackboard on which written notes are visible (this is the example shown during the conference), the device thanks to Live Text is able to recognize the text and allows the user to interact with it (copy, paste and so on).

This useful feature is also supported in the Photos app, so with all the photos in the gallery.

Another novelty is Visual Look Up. By photographing a dog or a flower, for example, with Visual Look Up you get additional information such as the breed of the dog, the name of the plant and so on.

Spotlight, in this respect, is also improved in iOS 15. Searching for the name of a contact in the spotlight, you get more information and more options to interact with that person.


Through the tab “For You” it is possible to combine photos and videos to create very pleasant animations and slide shows, to be enriched with effects and background music taken directly from Apple Music.

The Memory Mixes function, on the other hand, allows you to modify the animations and transitions of the self-generated video from iOS 15 to make it just as the owner of the device wishes.

Wallet, Weather, Maps


In addition to payments via Apple Pay, the iOS 15 Wallet can also be used to store transit cards, Disneyland passes, and so on. Car Key support has also been improved, to use the iPhone as a car key.

Particularly interesting is the possibility of scanning identity cards and driving licenses directly into Wallet. This app, in many cases, is destined to take the place of the traditional wallet.


Meteo is among the system apps with the most news in view of iOS 15. Finally, it changes graphics and layout.

Completely redesigned, even in the background animations, the app provides much more information, and more precise.


By the end of the year, Italy will also have 3D maps on Apple Maps. But it is with iOS 15 that the real news will arrive.

iOS 15 will be available for download on compatible iPhones starting September / October. We look forward to more information on this from Apple.

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