Apple uses “still” the LCD technology on some devices, which for this reason have a lower purchase price than other models in the same category. This is the case, for example, of the iPhone XR (with LCD display), launched together with the iPhone XS and XS Max (OLED display). But will it always be like this?

The latest report from The Wall Street Journal reveals that Apple will use OLED on all new iPhones from 2020 . There is therefore not much to wait:

Apple should abandon LCD display technology starting with the iPhone in 2020, in favor of more flexible displays and a flexible design, said a person familiar with the production plans.

The total adoption of OLED technology would allow Apple to devote itself entirely to iPhone with an even more innovative design, with smaller frames. The Cupertino company, in particular after the downsizing of the estimates on revenues of Q1 2019, warns the rapid advance of the competition, and a change of direction seems to be necessary.

We do not know what the 2019 will reserve for the iPhone category , but it is difficult to hypothesize the presentation of particularly revolutionary models . It will be necessary to wait another year for a real upgrade?

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