Tablets have proven to be a very odd product category, but then again, so were smartphones before 2007. Most of us that have been using smartphones and tablets since before they became popular remember how long it took for both products to gain traction, though the difference here is that smartphones have continued to grow, and tablets are oddly slowing down. New market estimates for the rest of the year aren’t painting a pretty picture, and it seems the iPad is mostly to blame.

IDC has already revealed its estimates for the tablet market by the end of this year, and its analysts are already predicting a significant slow down in the market, mainly as a result of the probable first year of decline when it comes to the iPad. Year-over-year growth numbers will barely reach 7.2% compared to 52.5% last year, and no, there is no typo there, the level of decline is insane. The iPad is still the most popular tablet, and the estimates claim that it will continue to be, but analysts have begun to understand that tablets have a refresh cycle that’s similar to that of computers, and not of smartphones.

Analysts are hoping that the rumored iPad Pro, and even Windows 10 could help tablets regain popularity as people have also learned that tablets can’t really replace every job a computer does at the price of an iPad. Let’s see how things evolve in the next coming months.

Source: IDC

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