A screenshot is making the rounds of the web and shows the possibility of having interactive widgets on the next version of the operating system for the iPhone. Could it be true?

The rumors and advances on the next versions of Apple operating systems must always be taken with pliers because the software is produced internally by the company, without contacting external suppliers and for this reason everything is more controlled and difficult to spread outside.

With these due premises, we show you what in these hours has been released as an alleged preliminary screenshot of iOS 16.

Apparently, these two years have served Apple to prepare the ground for what will be the next big update related to Widgets . With the next version of iOS, Widgets should become interactive and could be even larger, grouped into what are called InfoShacks .

The InfoShack is a sort of group or folder, within which we can insert multiple widgets and move them all with a single gesture.

If the news so far does not arouse particular euphoria, it is certainly more interesting that we also find buttons usually placed in the Control Center. 

The presence of these keys, together with the brightness controller and the Music Player complete with controls and NowPlaying makes us think that the Widgets will be interactive with a radical change from what it is today.

Widgets on iOS 14 and iOS 15 in fact, have many limits and can show information that is automatically updated only every 5 minutes. Due to this limitation, we can define widgets as a sort of “screenshot”, snapshots with data drawn from the main app at a given time, which are then shown (read-only) through a customized graphic.

With iOS 16 instead, we will be able to interact with the widgets, we will be able to place our finger on the brightness lever and move it up or down to change the option at will. We will be able to see the song being played, go to the next or previous one, start a timer and much more. In short, Widgets should radically evolve, managing to function in a similar way to Android.

For the moment there is no other information on this but we will keep you updated.

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