WhatsApp is finally working on a new feature that should limit the phenomenon of spam that has existed for years and, unfortunately, is becoming increasingly difficult to stop.
The function is called detection of suspicious links and, as the name suggests, will help the user to detect suspicious links sent and received in WhatsApp!When you receive a message that contains a link, WhatsApp analyzes the link to detect if it redirects to a fake or unsafe website.
When WhatsApp detects a suspicious link, the message will be marked with a red label that alerts the user.

If you still decide to open the link, WhatsApp will warn us again that we are trying to open a possible suspicious link:

The analysis of the link sent or received takes place locally, so no data is sent to the WhatsApp servers to detect suspicious links. 
WhatsApp continues to improve the functionality and we expect to see many other improvements in future versions, such as the ability to manually report a suspicious link if WhatsApp is not able to detect it.


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