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After the Facebook update for 3D support Touch , comes what for WhatsApp , which brings the new technology found on the iPhone 6S, even the app messaging world’s most famous. Let’s find out what’s new in this latest update.

The upgrade to version 2.12.8 brings many new features to the messaging client. Certainly the most important is the compatibility with the 3D Touch the iPhone 6S. With this new technology you canopen previews of images, videos, links, contacts and shared positions, through various pressures on the screen . WhatsApp also has added support to the function Quick Reply  that allows us to respond to messages directly from notifications, but this feature will actually active only on iOS 9.1 for which we await the update from Apple



Quick reply from notification center and lock screen seems to work for only users on iOS 9.1 beta thus Apple native quick reply feature.

In addition to these important changes we have been optimized support for languages ​​that are read from right to left, in addition to the usual bux fixes.

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