The feature will be available in the next version of WhatsApp for iOS.

WhatsApp is preparing to add another important feature to its application.

The new feature, as reported by WABetaInfo , will add a new search option in chats, thanks to which users will be able to search for messages by date . The Search by date option is in the early stages of development, so it is likely that it will not arrive soon on your devices.

As of now, the report suggests that the date search feature is being processed for WhatsApp for iOS . However, WhatsApp is known for maintaining parity between its Android and iOS apps, so when it is released, it will likely be for both versions of the messaging app.

WhatsApp already allows users to search for messages within a single chat window or in the entire chat history. In the WABetaInfo report, the feature is added for searches within a chat window, which can help users find messages sent by a certain date .

When the function is enabled, a new Calendar icon will be added when using the chat search mode:

WhatsApp will allow us to select a date if we click on the calendar icon.

  • The search by date feature is under development and is not yet available.
  • WhatsApp is testing the functionality before the release: it is in alpha development phase and unfortunately no release date is available.
  • When the feature becomes available, we will post an announcement. The news comes from WhatsApp for iPhone, but we do not rule out seeing them also on WhatsApp for Android, since WhatsApp is used to add the same functionality for all platforms.

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