WhatsApp is the platform for the most widely used instant messaging in the world, but it is known that other competing services seem to offer that ‘something extra’ that users often tend to emphasize.According to a new rumor,

the service owned by Facebook may soon offer a new feature .


WhatsApp was founded as a platform to exchange text messages, but the number of voice messages is increasing .

The company is aware of this information, and may have decided to introduce a third feature that uses voice:


The rumor comes from the translation files available within the development community.

The answering machine is activated, as with regular phone calls, when a user does not answer a call.

Why is it useful? In case of no response to a call on WhatsApp, users usually tend to send a voice message in the chat to communicate the contents of the call. With this step answering machine it would be ‘eliminated’, speeding.

Remember that it is a rumor and nothing has been confirmed.


Via | Droid

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