The application WhatsApp for iOS has been recently updated by the development team and the new features are actually few. Frequency and usefulness than updates, which heavily discussed is that the update is causing many problems for different users .


WhatsApp is the app for the most popular instant messaging and used in the world and, despite some lack,

manages to retain a distinct advantage compared with other very popular platforms such as Telegram.

Unfortunately, the latest update seems to have done more harm than good . For many users,

via our chat assistance , we have reported the anomalies related to the internal memory of your iOS

device, from which free space was ‘magically’ and drastically reduced after installing (version 2.12.14 editor’s note).

The simplest solution might be the re-installation of the application , but apparently even this method can not work around this problem. The remaining options are therefore twofold: to uninstall the application , which is the most drastic,

and / or wait for a new update (which will hopefully be released as soon as possible).

You also experience this problem after updating WhatsApp? Please let us know in the comments .

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