WhatsApp explains what will happen to users who do not accept the new terms by the deadline of May 15th.

WhatsApp has revealed how it will gradually cripple the accounts of its users who do not accept the upcoming changes to the platform’s privacy policy, which will take effect on May 15th.

According to an email sent by TechCrunch to one of its business partners, the company said it will gradually ask users who have not yet accepted the policy changes to comply with the new terms in the coming weeks “to have the full functionality of WhatsApp. ”Starting from May 15th.

“If they continue not to accept the terms, for a short time, these users will be able to receive calls and notifications, but they will not be able to read or send messages from the app,” the company said.

A few weeks before May, WhatsApp will start launching a small in-app banner that users can tap to review privacy policies.

Tapping the banner will display a more detailed summary of the changes, including more specifics on how WhatsApp integrates with Facebook. The messaging platform says it will eventually remind users to read the new policy and accept it to continue using the app.

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