watchOS6 is the second novelty discussed on the San Jose Convention Center stage. There are so many new dials, some very simple and others full of details. Many dials will now have a full screen version and a “round” version that will add complications to the sides.

With WatchOS 6, Apple also introduces a small sound that will notify the user of the time change (for example when switching between 10:59 and 11:00). Then there will be new applications such as Audiobooks, Voice Notes (which can be recorded directly from the wrist) and Calculator. The latter can also help us to divide the restaurant bill by the number of friends present.

watchOS 6 introduces completely independent applications from the iPhone. This means that Apple Watch will have its own App Store, available directly from the watch. We will no longer have to use the Watch application on the iPhone to download and synchronise the Apps, but we will do everything directly from our device. The App Store for watchOS allows us to search for the apps we want but also to browse a home that will be updated every day, just like on iOS.

As for health, when we use headphones, we go dancing or find ourselves in other situations where the noise is really high, the Apple Watch can now monitor the noise and see if it is too loud. The new App “Noise” will use the microphone to determine the decibels to which we subject our ears and will help us protect our hearing. The “Noise” application also comes with a complication that is updated in real time on the display.

The Health app on iOS has been redesigned. With a graphic more similar to the App Store, much richer in information and texts, we can better visualise our situation, without going into confusion with the previous graphics. Last but not least, the new Pride strap is the perfect match for the new dial presented a few days ago.

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