In addition to the new Portraits watch face, a second new watch face called World Timer will also arrive on Apple Watch with watchOS 8

The WWDC21 was quite long, nevertheless Apple did not have the time to investigate all the news of the various operating systems. Often it proceeded very quickly and something was left behind.

At last year’s WWDC, Apple announced 2 new faces for the Apple Watch. Also this year watchOS 8 will integrate two new watch facesdespite only showing one during the keynote.

In fact, during the event, we saw the new Watch Face called ” Portraits ” which allows us to set as background one or more photos of Portraits with the subject in the foreground and to choose the style of the digital clock to be applied on the back (between a wide range of possible options).

In the next beta versions of watchOS 8 we will also find another watch face called World Timer. You can see it at 8:48 of the “What’s New in UIKit” session , a video available in the Apple Developer application and which is dedicated to developers.

The appearance of this dial is what you see above. In the center there will be a black and white map of the world, very clear, around there will be a chronograph and we will have a list of cities that will rotate around to make us understand approximately what time it is in each place in the world. At the four corners we will be able to insert complications, as we are already used to doing.

We inform you that in the beta 1 of watchOS 8 it is not yet present.

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