In watchOS 7, Apple has brought new features focused on health and fitness and beyond.

Apple has officially unveiled watchos 7  last month at WWDC20, detailing new features such as support for sleep monitoring , the sharing of the dials and more.

Although the update is currently available to developers, a public beta version for Apple Watch users will also be available for the first time this year .

What’s new in watchOS 7?

watchOS 7 offers additional tools for developers, allowing them to create new complications. Users can also now set multiple complications from the same app on the same watch face, including new support for executing quick commands directly from the watch face.

With watchOS 7, Apple brings new health and fitness features. The Training app has been updated with the addition of new workouts and improved calorie monitoring for basic activities, functional training and more. The Activity app has also been redesigned and renamed to ” Physical activity “.

One of the most useful new features in watchOS 7 is support for sharing the watch face . Now, we can create and share watch faces with other people, but developers can also offer pre-configured watch faces in their application and, in addition, you can also download watch faces from the web.

Finally, after years of rumors and speculation, watchOS 7 officially offers support for sleep monitoring . There are a handful of new features in iOS 14 and watchOS 7 designed to help us track sleep and get the best night’s sleep possible.

Apple Watch sleep monitoring turns the display off and wakes us up using an alarm sound or silent alarm via haptic feedback. The next morning, we can view sleep data in the Health app on the iPhone.

Which Apple Watch models are supported?

With the release of watchOS 7 this year, Apple will abandon support for Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2. This means that the aforementioned models will remain stationary on watchOS 6 and the following models will be updated to watchOS 7 when it is released this fall:

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 6

When will watchOS 7 be released?

watchOS 7 is currently available in beta for developers, with beta 1 released on June 22nd immediately after the end of the WWDC keynote. This means that developers can run watchOS 7 to test their applications and prepare for upcoming changes with this year’s updates, such as new complications and the removal of the Force Touch .

In past years, Apple has released public beta versions of iOS, macOS, tvOS and iPadOS, but not watchOS, but this year the company has announced that it will also release a public beta version of watchOS 7.

Users can register to get watchOS 7 in July through the website . Once the public beta is available, users will be able to install the beta profile on their device and install watchOS 7. However, there are a few things to consider in this regard, including the fact that it will still be a beta and that there will be bugs and performance issues.

We also remind you that, once the beta version is installed on your Apple Watch, you can no longer go back to watchOS 6, as it is not possible to downgrade on the device.

Those who do not want to install the beta version on their device, will have to wait until September to install watchOS 7 on their Apple Watch.

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