The WiFi antennas have finally been solved. Update to the latest version of iOS to prevent anyone from taking control of your device.

It is not new to always advise you to upgrade your device to the latest version released by Apple. In this particular case, updating could prevent a potential attack from hackers by exploiting a WiFi vulnerability.

Yesterday the final version of iOS 10.3.3. was released. Apple in its official changelog has specified that this new version of iOS resolves a particularly serious vulnerability. In previous versions, a nearby hacker could access the WiFi chip of our device and inject executive code into it. This, together with other unclear steps, would allow the hacker to take control of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

This is a vulnerability caused by the Broadcom BCM43xx chips used by Apple in their devices. In particular, all iPhones from iPhone 5 and all iPads from the fourth generation mount this vulnerable Broadcom chip family.

Our advice is once again to upgrade all your devices to avoid unpleasant situations. A minor update like that of iOS 10.3.3 can also be done simply by your device, via the Settings> General> Software Update menu .

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