In its issue of June 2016, the Japanese monthly Mac Fan reports the alleged design drawings of the next

iPhone 7 Plus Apple, shown in this case as the iPhone 7 Pro . These take up the rumor of the last few months,

such as those relating to ‘ the absence of 3.5mm jack  and a dual-lens camera .

iPhone-7-Plus-design-schematics-Mac-Fan-image-001 (1)

The diagrams, very detailed, suggest a device with these dimensions: 158.22 mm long, 77.94 wide and 7.3mm deep. In practice, the iPhone 7 Pro should have almost the same size of the iPhone 6s Plus, of little more often.


Article of the Japanese magazine shows, confirming the rumors in recent months that the next Apple signed top range smartphone will not have the hole for the 3.5mm headphone jack , Bluetooth headsets in favor of or attached to

the device through Lightning connector. In this sense, the Cupertino company will not be the first to present

such innovations, the Chinese Leeco has indeed unveiled last week its new line of smartphones that, in fact,

does not have the hole for the jack, whose task will be carried out from the door USB-C.

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