A first prototype of the original iPhone has been shared online by Sonny Dickson , with a series of images and a video showing a version of the iPhone that Apple created and tested. There are also information about an operating system that Apple taken into consideration for its smartphones.

The prototype has some first-generation iPhone features, such as aluminum chassis, a multi-touch display, 2G connectivity and support for Wi-Fi networks. The most distinct, however, the entire user interface, taken from the click wheel of the first line of iPod of the Cupertino company.

Called ” Acorn OS “, the prototype of the software includes a click wheel on-screen in the bottom of the screen, and a menu at the top. The two sides are divided by a bar with buttons rewind, play / pause and so on. On the menu are options such as “Favorites”, “SMS”, “Music”, “Settings” and “Recent”. The click wheel allows you to navigate through these options, to confirm just press the middle button, just like on the iPod.

Here you have a video demonstration, really interesting:

It is well known that to get all’iOS we know today, Steve Jobs proposed a competition between Tony Fadell (the iPod’s father) and Scot Forstall. Who presented the best project? The team put together by Forstall.

Source | MacRumors

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