Unicode, a leading consortium in the field of text standards, as well as the father of the famous Emoji, officially signs the closure of the homonymous ” Emoji 11.0 ” package

As the Emojipedia website shows us in advance, our devices will soon give us the chance to add 157 new symbols to our text messages. The number of Emoji, now become the emblem of non-verbal communication, continues to rise, bringing the list to a total of about  2823 characters.

Emoji 11.0, the latest version of the standard that will see the light on the first devices and services in the middle of 2018, will include the new superheroes, a kangaroo, a compass, a skateboard and many others.

Worthy of note is the possibility to choose new “faces” with new hairstyles such as curly, red, white hair or alternatively choose a totally bald version; Everything will obviously be available in both male and female versions and as usual, we can arbitrarily decide the skin tone.

Some of these characters are already available on a small number of devices and services, such as the infinity symbol that can be used for some time on Samsung smartphones or the pirate flag for Twitter.

Unfortunately, also in this version are not included the so-called ” reversible Emoji ” or the possibility of ” overturning ” the latter literally, functionality that will not arrive before 2019.

To take advantage of the new Emoji, we will have to wait for the addition through a future update of iOS but in the meantime below you can find a video that collects all already in Apple style

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