Apple recently unveiled Apple Watch Series 2, new smartwatch line, and certainly could not miss Apple Watch Edition version. This differs from the other devices of the line for the materials used, among which stands out the ceramic. In this article we propose a video unboxing of the device.

It reads on :

Apple Watch Edition enters a new era. We dressed in a ceramic that makes it unique.

Incredibly brilliant. strong and beautiful together.With all the great features of Apple Watch

Series 2, it is the new generation of a timepiece that has no equal.

For Apple Watch Edition, Apple decided to use ceramics because it is sophisticated, lightweight and extremely durable at the same time, four times harder than stainless steel. The time consuming pottery of  each case of the Apple Watch Edition requires  about two days to be completed.

The price of Apple Watch Edition in the USA,  $1,249 for the 38mm version, and $1,299 for the 42mm.

We leave the video unboxing below:

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