Typo 2, a new version of the keyboard case for iPhone co-founded by Ryan Seacrest and Laurence Hallier, is now available to pre-order.

BlackBerry sued the company over the original Typo keyboard case arguing that it violates their intellectual property rights and patented ‘iconic’ keyboard design. BlackBerry was able to obtain a preliminary injunction against the sale of the original case.

With Typo 2 the company aimed to create a keyboard and case that would add the absolute minimum additional length and thickness to the iPhone, while still providing protection to the phone and a butter-smooth, tactile typing experience.

”The result is Typo 2, which adds just short of a 1/4 inch in thickness and a less than 3/4 inch in total length to the iPhone, while still providing an unrivaled typing experience. This is made possible by miniaturizing the components on our circuit board, using our patented TYPOTouch keyboard technology and one of the world’s smallest Lithium-ion battery, measuring at just 1mm in thickness.”

● Typo Smart Typing: Auto Cap, “.” and ‘s words all enabled.
● Lock Key: No more unwanted in-pocket dialing or typing.
● Full Backlit Keyboard: Perfect for low light or no light environments.
● Battery Indicator: See your Typo battery life at any time.
● Reclaim your Screen: Touch keyboard brings back 1/3 more viewable screen space.
● Quick Currency Key Access: Easily toggle between currencies with one key.

You can pre-order the Typo 2 for $99 from the link below…



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