Here’s what the next WhatsApp update on iOS and Android will be about

There are long-term news such as the ability to take advantage of WhatsApp on multiple devices at the same time and news that will be released soon.

Among the last mentioned, in the beta version of Whatsapp we find already implemented new options for archived chats and the search for stickers.

As for archived chats , usually after archiving a conversation we will see it disappear from the main page but not from the application. When an “archived” person sends us a new message, the chat is extracted from the archives folder and reappears on the homepage.

With the new settings instead, we will be able to decide to ” keep the chats archived” , which means that if someone writes us his message it will remain in the archived section.

As a further modification, however, the “archived” section will remain fixed and visible from the Home Page and you will not have to scroll down the page to make it appear. If some “archived” contact writes us a message, the badge with the number will appear, if instead we are mentioned in a group, the @ will appear without indicating which conversation or person sent the message.

With regard to adhesives, on the other hand, the search is implemented. By writing a message in which the word “love” appears, for example, and then clicking on the sticker symbol, we will already find the stickers filtered with the subject “love”. According to Whatsapp, this trick will increase its use.

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