Interviewed by Fortune, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that it is true the company has changed the world with its products, but also that these are not for the rich.

Apple has reached third place in the Fortune ranking of companies that “change the world” based on the social impact of their top products. For that occasion, Tim Cook’s CEO gave an interview to Adam Lashinsky.

Cook agrees that Apple has changed the world, mainly through its products, which simply allow people to do more:

I think Apple has changed the world with its products. We create products for people who are tools that allow them to do things they would otherwise not be able to – let them create or learn or teach or play. Or do something really amazing.

Cook quoted Swift Playgrounds Apple’s free program as an example of how company products allow people to learn and create:

… and the whole concept of Swift is that you can create a programming language that has the ease of use of our products. And so everyone can learn it. And yet, it’s powerful enough to write the most complex apps you’ve always dreamed of accomplishing. And then we thought, well, what else can we do, and so we thought of Swift Playgrounds, a training offer for kids.

Apple CEO then had to criticize Lashinsky’s opinion, according to which the company’s sales strategy is to “make very expensive products, high profit margins and luxury”:

This is not a high profit margin. I would not use these words. There are many companies that have much higher margins. We give you a price based on the value of our products. And let’s make the best possible products. And that means we do not produce low-end products. We do not criticize those who do it; is a good business model. But it’s not our kind of business. […] But if you look at the lines of our products, today you can buy an iPad under $ 300. You can buy an iPhone, depending on what you choose. And these are not for the rich.

Cook also made it clear that Apple has a lot to achieve in the health field:

There is still so much in the health sector. There are many things I can not speak to and to which we are working. […] I think it is an important sector for the future of Apple.

If interested, find this address full interview at Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

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