Windows 10 was a success for Microsoft, especially after the endless criticism received for Windows 8. However, the well-known blogger Paul Thurrott said that iOS and Android have been so improved in recent years by the respective manufacturers (Apple and Google) that could cause Windows to get lonely.

” This is a potential moment of extinction , with Android and iOS in the asteroid’s role is plummeting to earth to kill the dinosaurs Windows ,” Thurrott writes. ” Our children are not growing with Microsoft technologies. For them, Microsoft is relevant as Sears, AOL or IBM . ”

This does not mean that iOS and Android can replace in every way Windows are operating systems of different nature. In particular, Thurrott is satisfied that both the mobile platforms are in need of “a better multitasking experience, in which the applications can be arranged not only side-by-side on the screen, but also in mobile windows”, as well as “a kind of and a hardware cursor pointing “. However, it is important to remember that Windows PCs are chosen today by a very large slice of gamers, who do not like the console hardware limitations.

iOS and Android are operating systems for mobile devices, a sector which is also included with Microsoft Windows 10. The Redmond company, however, can not take off, recording really very encouraging numbers.

Source: BGR

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