Accessory manufacturer Olixar is producing cases for ” iPhone 11 Pro “, with some models featuring a case to hold a smaller Apple Pencil.

Fueled by countless rumours and predictions of analysts, images of Olixar ” genuine leather case for iPhone 11 Pro and Apple leads Pencil ” received from MobileFun retailer all have a square cut to bump the square camera, which is larger to accommodate the three camera lenses and the flash.

Unlike other homes for current iPhone models, the images also depict the inclusion of a case designed to hold an Apple Pencil. There have been forecasts by analysts that Apple Pencil support will enter the iPhone range this year, although similar suggestions were made in 2018 for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

The way the iPhone and Apple Pencil case is designed would require the introduction of a new smaller Apple Pencil. The first generation measures 6.92 inches in length, while the second is 6.53 inches in length, both longer than the iPhone XS Max at 6.2 inches.

In order for the Apple Pencil to be used in this way, Apple should create a new shorter version of the stylus. Quick comparisons suggest that an Apple Pencil should be reduced by about two inches to fit the depicted pocket. This would reduce the battery life as the power source occupies the vast majority of the internal part of the device.

While some may take the designs of an accessory manufacturer as a confirmation of Apple’s work, almost all home manufacturers have to rely on supply chain rumours rather than solid information from Apple. There is no guarantee of what Apple will eventually launch until it holds its September iPhone event, currently scheduled for September 10th.

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