When the output of Apple Watch the market was starting to become a reality
rather than a mere rumor, there were many houses of watchmaking, especially the Swiss, who started in a
cold sweat thinking about the future of their market.
As reported by Bloomberg , the fears were completely justified because the classic watches adversely affected the arrival of Apple Watch and the like.


As reported by the NPD in the month of 2015  wristwatches have suffered a significant drop in interest which is then poured over smartwatch and the like.

Although earnings have reached $ 375 million, the figure represents a decrease of 11% which would correspond to about 14% lower sales.

The band most affected by the loss is that of watches priced between $ 50 and 1000 with particular crisis of the devices with the price ranging between $ 100 and 149.99% representing 24% of the decline in sales.

Although Apple does not want to reveal the exact numbers on sales of its smartwatch, according to NPD the figure is around 1.9 million units sold at an average price of about $ 499.

Despite the charm that you can exercise on the technology, do you think the classic watches have lost their charm?

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