The most unobtainable Apple product ever: it is a cloth to clean the displays and costs 25 euros.

The Cleaning Cloth continues to attract interest. This time, the New York Times , which published an article enriched with a comment by an Apple spokesperson, is even investigating the topic .

Ironies on social networks aside (mainly due to the price, 25 euros in Italy), the Apple cloth has been snapped up. Buying it today in the boot – but also in the USA – means receiving it in 10-12 weeks. His success, however, “is not surprising” for Apple , according to a spokesperson reached by the editorial staff of the US newspaper and who asked not to reveal his identity.

How it’s done

The accessory arrived on the market along with the latest MacBook Pros, and is a fairly unusual product for the Cupertino company. We are talking, and we report what we read on the official website, of a ” cleaning cloth in soft non-abrasive material that safely and effectively cleans all types of Apple displays “.

What makes this cloth so special? Try to explain it to the iFixit team , who did not miss the opportunity of yet another teardown (with a good dose of irony).

The material looks identical to the inner lining of an iPad Smart Cover, which features a thin layer of microfiber. The sensation is that of synthetic leather, such as Alcantara.

It is interesting to discover that the Cleaning Cloth is actually made up of two cloths glued together . But that’s not all, a microscope was even used to look at the cloth even more closely:

Under the microscope, the premium quality of Apple’s cloth comes out. There are tiny fibers intertwined in an intricate way, which come together to become not only a cleaning product, but also a beauty item worth cleaning. In the midst of all this beauty, a thin line delicately traces the shape of the fruit that begins the history of humanity: the apple.

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