The straps of ‘ Apple Watch are made ​​of quality materials according to the Cupertino company. In addition to this they are also waterproof, thus allowing the immersion of the watch in the water. The question is: what are truly resistant straps of Apple Watch?


Apple on its website does not provide a lot of data about the straps available for Apple Watch. There are some details on the materials used and on water resistance, but we certainly can not consider them quite extensive. Just why Greg Koenig tried to immerse different straps of Apple Watch water and see if they are actually resistant. After three immersions of 10 minutes and a from well 8 hours , followed by periods of exposure to air dry, Koenig has not noticed any visible damage to the strap made ​​leather Venice.

In addition to this, making the test on the straps of the Apple Watch Sports, Koenig found that are much more resistant to water, which is quite obvious, since they are made of plastic.

Despite this Greg Koenig says that the Apple Watch straps can be called “quite watertight” as if immersed in water have relatively little damage. But when we go to dip in the pool where there is chlorine, or in the shower with soap that inevitably comes into contact with the strap, but also simply for substances that are in the water, coming out of the tap at home, the materials of the straps tend to deform with respect to the first contact with the water clean.

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