With the evolution of smartphone technology have changed even the SIM (micro, nano …), and things seem to be about to change, again. Apple and Samsung are indeed in talks with GSMA, the association that brings together the key operators, for the creation of e-SIM , or SIM integrated in hardware.
A brief hearing about the standard e-SIM, which will be integrated in hardware products in smartphones after the approval of this type of SIM. These are the words of GSMA reported by the Financial Times: ” We work continuously with Apple to ensure its support for this initiative . ”

A similar idea was proposed in the past by Apple, the failure of the operators, however, he came at once. Now the situation is certainly different and the operators themselves seem to be ready to introduce the new type of SIM. To confirm it is the same GSMA: ” With the majority of operators on board, the plan is to finalize the technical architecture that will be used in the development of a remote SIM solution end-to-end consumer devices, with delivery expected by 2016 “. No coincidence that the talks are taking part, as well as Apple and Samsung, also major players such as AT & T, Vodafone and Orange.

How does the e-SIM will benefit users? This new standard will allow you to choose quickly, and without the need to change the SIM card, operator and price plan, all directly from their smartphone.

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