All users who are fans of comic books, the name Shazam will combine definitely one of the superheroes of DC Comics’ production house. Well although of a different kind, the powers of another Shazam, the musical, are much appreciated by lovers of music and technology, and is therefore only right to inform you that these powers are also available for Mac .


Once installed Shazam for Mac, the app will operate in a discreet manner and not at all invasive, you see only a small icon in the menu bar at the top of your Mac

If you want, the app will remain active for a non-stop music recognition and identification took place a notification will appear where you placed the classic icon.Clicking on it will also be possible to access text, video, and other content related to the identified tag to open up a direct link to iTunes to purchase.

Always icon will also be able to access the settings panel from which you can select the automatic start switch on the Mac and synchronization of tag with the main social networks like facebook and twitter.

Also remember that the technology of Shazam should arrive in 8 iOS devices natively through integration with Siri.

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