According to DigiTimes, the components of the Face ID will occupy about half of the current space, with an aesthetic advantage for Apple that will halve the size of the Notch but also the production costs.

Still confirmations that the next iPhones will continue to use the iconic design including the Notch but with a reduction in its size of about 40-50%.

The first reports date back to January from the Japanese site MacOtakara. Subsequently, in March, Ming-Chi Kuo had confirmed the presence of a Notch smaller iPhone on 13. We also saw the mockup based on alleged technical diagrams and many fronts glass with Notch reduced and speaker moved upward.

Today DigiTimes is speaking and confirms the 40-50% reduction in the current length of the Notch, mainly due to a reduction in the size of the mold on which the VCSEL chip used in the 3D sensors of the Face ID is placed .

It will not only be an aesthetic advantage for Apple: halving the size of the VCSEL chip will also halve the number of wafers needed, creating cost savings.

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