During the event, Apple will unveil the new iPhone SE 3 5G, the next generation iPad Air and may also announce the release date of iOS 15.4

According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple plans to hold its first event of 2022 in early March . The report says the Cupertino-based company is currently “targeting a date close to March 8” for the virtual event, which will focus on the new iPhone SE 3 5G , iPad Air 5 and the release of iOS 15.4 

Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports that the event will kick off a ” year full of new products “. The event is expected to be virtual rather than in person due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The site warns that the date of the event may change “due to production delays or other changes”. March 8 is a Tuesday, in line with when Apple generally likes to hold its events. If the event actually takes place on the aforementioned date, we expect the company to start sending out invitations during the first week of March.

The event will focus on the new iPhone SE 3 and an updated iPad Air , Bloomberg reports. The new ‌iPhone SE‌ will have a similar design to the iPhone 8, but will feature a faster A-series chip, likely the A15, and 5G technology. It should also include an improved camera.

The iPad Air‌ will also feature an updated A-series chip and 5G connectivity, but is not expected to feature substantial design changes.

In addition to hardware expectations, Bloomberg also reports that Apple may release iOS 15.4 in the first half of March and will announce the official release date at the event.

Finally, Bloomberg says Apple may also unveil a new Apple Silicon-chip Mac at the event. Unfortunately, further details on this machine remain unclear.

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