We should see a notch redesign on the iPhone this year, but this change will only come on the Pro models.

It now seems certain that this year we will say goodbye to the notch on the iPhone , which has always aroused various discontent among users. However, the only beneficiaries of this change, at least for this year, will be the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max , which will be equipped with a design that features a pill-shaped cutout that will house the components for the Face. ID and a second hole for the selfie camera.

Although we have already read several reports relating to this novelty over and over again, today the analyst Ross Young returned to talk about the iPhone 14 range and provided some more information on future smartphones.

According to Young, the pill-shaped cutout and camera hole will take up roughly the same space as the notch currently occupies , but “we’ll take up more space at the top.” In addition, the analyst says that the aforementioned change will extend to standard iPhones only in 2023, that is, on iPhone 15 models.

Apple plans to roll out the ‌Face ID‌ under the display , which wouldn’t require a pill-shaped cutout for the hardware, but this technology won’t be ready in 2023 for release of the iPhone 15 range, according to the analyst.

Of course these are just predictions, and Apple’s plans may be completely different from what Young described.

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