As we suspected yesterday afternoon, Apple has refreshed its MacBook Air with a new configuration headed by an Intel Core i5 processor at 1.4 GHz expandable basic model to a 1.7GHz Core i7 models more powerful . These new laptops ship in 24 hours, so that would not surprise me that they were already exposed in all physical Apple Store.

There are also changes in the rates: now the basic MacBook Air (11-inch Core i5 1.4GHz) is priced at 929 euros while the top model (13 inches with the same processor) costs 1229 euros.
No other interesting extensions: we still have a maximum of 8 GB of RAM, graphics Intel HD Graphics 5000 and the minimum storage remain the 128GB SSD. As for the battery, it is promoted for a period of nine to twelve hours.

If you needed a revamp of your laptop, maybe this is the perfect time to order one. If you can wait until fall, it might be worthwhile to try their luck and see if the rumor of the retina MacBook Air with 12-inch screen is confirmed. But this is a minor update but that is appreciated .

More information | The new MacBook Air at the Apple Store

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