The shipping dates of the new iMac and iPad Pro presented at the latest Apple event begin to leak

Usually from the start of pre-orders to the actual availability of an Apple product, exactly 7 days pass . Apple prefers Fridays for both reservations and early arrivals as it offers all the “free” time of the weekend to play with the new devices, configure them, write reviews and possibly try them outdoors.

This is also the case for the AirTag: on April 23, reservations started and exactly one week later, on April 30, it will be available for sale.

For the iPad Pro and the new iMacs, however, the same will not happen . Pre-orders start on April 30th but the availability of the devices is given for the second half of May.

Prosser has ventured the date of May 21 for the 12.9 “iPads and that of May 22 for the 11” models, however May 22 is a Saturday and it is very unlikely.

The only Friday in the third week of May is day 21, which in our opinion represents the most probable date of all, also because, if Apple had designated May 28 (the following Friday) as the date then it would have announced the product for ” end of May “.

Approximately 3 weeks will pass from the pre-order to the delivery date and the reasons for this delay are due to the lack of chips. With 2 weeks more time, Apple will be able to produce many more devices to support an effective worldwide launch.

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