Apple’s anti-counterfeiting team is constantly working to remove millions of counterfeit products from the market that could cause your iPhone to explode yet the market is booming – be careful

With over 1 billion active iPhones worldwide, getting into the Apple accessories business is a really big deal that can make millions of dollars, especially if counterfeit, cheaply made, and cheaper products are sold. high.

For all these reasons, millions of counterfeit products are created every year and Apple promptly identifies them and has them removed.

A spokesperson for Apple’s anti-counterfeiting team told Bloomberg that it had requested the removal of more than one million fake products from the market. In particular, these are iPhone chargers which, as you can imagine, can cause such damage to cause the battery to swell and catch fire.

Apple says that consumer safety is at the top of the company’s priorities and that the risks of using non-original (or simply non-certified) accessories are very high. Apple has a specialized team that constantly works with law enforcement, merchants, social media companies and e-commerce sites, including Amazon, to remove counterfeit products from the market.

In the last year, Apple has removed over a million products but the counterfeit accessories market is expanding and consumers must also be careful because you will not always be able to reach all products or at least not always will be done in time.

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