News that will surely cause a sensation and the pleasure of many individuals or businesses that currently use third-party systems to accept credit card payments.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is about to revolutionize the mobile payments industryonce again.

After introducing and making contactless payments through Apple Pay successful , it seems that Apple is working on a service that will allow you to accept payments from credit cards directly on the iPhone , without any need for additional devices.

Practically the iPhone will become a real POS. Both individuals and businesses will be able to accept payments by simply touching their credit or debit card to the NFC chip built into iPhones.

Apple began development of this technology in 2020, following the acquisition of the Mobeewave company for approximately $ 100 million. Mobeewave, already at the time, had created a technology that made it possible to accept payments using the smartphone’s NFC.

Basically you had to start an application, enter the amount and then approach the credit card. For Bloomberg it is not yet clear if all this will represent an extension of the possibilities of Apple Pay or if it will be launched with a new name but it could be activated already in the coming months, perhaps with the release of iOS 15.4 of which the first has just been released. beta, loaded with news!

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