Despite the same architecture and the same dizzying power that can be achieved: iPads and Macs will never be merged, they will never be able to do the same things

Yesterday, starting from a Bloomberg statement that provided for big changes for iPadOS 15 , we hypothesized that the tablet could get closer and closer to computers but the response of Greg Joswiak, head of Apple’s marketing department, was not long in coming. arrive and basically puts a huge “NO” on all of this guesswork.

Equipping an iPad with the same M1 chip that the company’s most advanced computers are equipped with certainly puts us in a position to risk the merger hypothesis. Apple has always been against all this and today we have the confirmation: the iPad will remain an iPad and the computers will remain computers. 

There are many people who think of a merger, many others think that the development of iPad is going slowly so as not to conflict with the sales of computers but in reality they are both misconceptions.

These are two products of different categories and Apple will never combine them. We will always try to develop the best tablet possible and the best computer possible.

We have equipped the iPad Pros with the M1 chip just to give them great power. We don’t want to get to the point where the development of a great application is compromised by the fact that the device cannot support it. In order for the best possible apps to arrive, the hardware needs to handle them, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with the new iPad Pros.

In short, the new iPad Pro are very powerful, the maximum configuration comes to have exactly the same maximum configuration as an iMac M1, however the platforms will remain well separated. At the moment all this power is useless on the iPad Pro because there are no applications that can make the most of it or that really need it but Apple thinks that in the future these apps will come and buy an iPad Pro so powerful today, it will surely allow users to have a very valid device even in the years to come, several years to come ..

iPadOS 15 will certainly improve the operating system and add new functions to the tablet that will make it more and more useful but the platforms will never come together, so let’s get rid of the idea that we will be able to use the iPad as a computer despite Apple using the slogan “a lot more than a computer ” when trying to sell them in promotional spots.

IPads cater to specific needs, so for some people they will be essential devices and for others it will still be preferable to buy a computer.

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