Apple Watch models with MicroLed displays, which Apple has been testing since 2017, may only arrive next year.

According to a leaker, the Apple Watch Series 6 will present an OLED screen like previous models, suggesting that the company is not yet ready to use MicroLED display technology   in consumer products.

Apple reportedly has a secret manufacturing facility in Santa Clara , California, where it is designing and producing test samples of microLED displays, a technology that will replace OLEDs. MicroLED screens allow you to build thinner , brighter, and less energy consuming devices .

As with OLED displays, the first to adopt the new display technology will be the Apple Watch. When it was introduced in 2014, the smartwatch had an OLED screen and the technology came to the iPhone X three years later.

It is rumored that Apple has been testing prototypes of Apple Watch models with MicroLED displays since 2017, and rumors have suggested that a model with microLED displays could be launched as early as this year.

However, leaker  @ L0vetodream said that Series 6 ” will continue to use the JDI display” .

Over the past two years, JDI Display has provided some of the OLED displays for the Apple Watch models and Apple has gradually increased its percentage of orders from the manufacturer, which has recently been supported by an investment of $ 200 million from Apple to allow for increased production of OLED displays for iPhone .

The Apple Watch‌ Series 6, currently under development, will feature faster performance , better water resistance and a  better network chip for faster Wi-Fi and cellular speeds .

According to the code found in a leaked version of iOS 14, Apple is working on new features for  watchOS 7 and Apple Watch‌ Series 6 that will allow the device to detect blood oxygen levels and panic attacks . Apple may also be adding a new fitness app and a native sleep monitoring app.

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