I’ve decided I am buying an Apple Watch Sport in Space Grey. Though I have been a fan of pebble smart watch for sometime now but its lacks certain core functions not forgetting its great battery life.  I don’t want to splash out an steel casing with a product I still have many questions and reservations about. By the second-generation, I’ll be able to make a better assessment about how much I want to spend on a smartwatch. I can’t really dilly-dally in deciding this value proposition either: I’m concerned that the Sport will sell out through preorders.

Regarding colour, I like black things. They fit in best for me. If I was going to buy a steel, I’d probably end up with a space black one of those too. Moreover, the only way to get a black band (without buying a band separately) is to get a Space Grey Sport. If Apple offered silver aluminium with black band in their preset collections, maybe I would have bought that instead.

On size, as much as I want to have the larger display to have the higher resolution display, my wrists are so small that the 42 mm will look ridiculous. Using the ‘Actual size’ comparison in the Apple Store app confirmed this. From my perspective as upcoming iOS developer, I think using a 38 mm as a daily driver is beneficial because I believe that’s the screen size that most normal people will buy as well. Having the same hardware as my app’s users is definitely a factor for me. Therefore, albeit mostly driven by the constraints of my physical anatomy, I’m buying the 38 mm Watch for $349.



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