Apple has finally formalized the date on which the new iPhone 14 family will be presented: it is September 7, live from 19:00 Italian. You can follow the event live in Ghana through our LIVEBlog or on our YouTube channel

Apple has just made official the date on which the next Event will be held . Just as expected from the rumors in recent days, we are talking about 7 September.

It has been called “Far Out” and will take place on September 7th. We will attend the live presentation of the whole new range of iPhone 14 and, with good probability, also of the new Apple Watch Series 8.

The iPhones 14

There will be 4 models of the iPhone 14 but this year there will be only two sizes. In fact, we will say goodbye to the “mini” models and we will have:

  • iPhone 14 6.1-inch
  • 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max
  • 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro
  • 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max

Only the two “Pro” models should include the new front design that eliminates the Notch in favor of a puch-hole camera and an Always-on screen. On the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max the “notch” should still persist.

Another big change for the Pro models should concern the camera, going from the current 12MP to 48 Megapixels with a particular technology that can offer excellent performance.

The clues from the logo

The image of this event is evocative of something concerning space, the universe, as well as the phrase Far Out, as if to mean something much further from our imagination, a big leap forward. On the Apple website, by clicking on the logo of the event, an animation will open with virtual reality that takes us right into a space-time vortex to get out of our world and enter the new universe. You can see it by opening this article directly from Safari (not via the app) on both iPhone and iPad and clicking on this link.

Apple Watch

As for Apple Watch, in addition to the new 8 Series models, there is also a lot of talk about a “Pro” or Rugged version, even more resistant, perhaps created with the body in a particular and more precious material, replacing the Apple Watch Edition of a time, which never really hit the jackpot. Apple knows the power of the “Pro” name in its products and could take advantage of it this year.

iOS 16 and more

When the iPhone 14 will be presented, iOS 16 will also be shown, which will hide functions specifically designed and available only on new smartphones. So we will see how this software still manages to surprise us. Immediately after the event, the RC (Release Candidate) version of iOS 16 will be released and a few days later (before the actual marketing date of the new iPhones) the final version of iOS 16 will arrive for everyone (no Beta). Second generation AirPods Pro may also be presented but it’s not sure.

This event can also be followed “in-person” by the public directly by Steve Jobs Theater but, of course, it can also be followed online, through streaming channels.

The appointment is therefore for September 7th , with the event starting at 19:00 sharp but we will already be live half an hour earlier, starting at 18:30.

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