The Cupertino company could introduce its first 5G modem on the 2023 iPhone range. Is the end of the partnership with Qualcomm near?

According to DigiTimes , Apple will introduce its 5G modem  in 2023 iPhone models and the component will not be integrated into the A-series chip.

The report states that 2022 will be the last year in which Qualcomm will supply all modems in the “iPhone” models . Later, iPhones are expected to start featuring 5G modem chips designed by Apple itself.

Additionally, the 5G modem that Apple has developed for its iPhone‌ 2023 models is rumored to be separate from the A-series chip, tentatively called the “A17”. This is in contrast to Android devices that are looking to have custom modems, which intend to integrate both the cellular processor (CP) and application processor (AP) directly into the device’s System on Chip (SoC).

The supplier of the Apple chips will always be TSMC , a company that currently supplies all custom SoCs to the iPhone manufacturer.

The report confirms Qualcomm’s recent statements. The chipmaker said it plans to supply only 20% of the modem chips to Apple in 2023 , suggesting that Apple will self-supply up to 80% of the 5G modem chips needed for iPhones starting in 2023.

Arguably, the remaining 20 percent provided by Qualcomm will go to older or entry-level devices in the iPhone 2023 range. On the other hand, the remaining 20 percent could also include devices made for regions where Apple’s 5G modem is not. supported.

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