In case you hadn’t heard, the creator of the infamous Flappy Bird is back and making another attempt at stealing your attention when you just need a quick iPhone gaming fix. The game is called Swing Copters and, quite frankly, it looks like a vertical remake of its predecessor—which spawned dozens of clones without the help of this spin-off. While we won’t know for a while whether or not this game will live up to the success of Flappy Bird, it’s now rolling out on the App Store in many locales.

In the past, Dong Nguyen partly credited the success of Flappy Bird to how incredibly difficult and addictive it was, and even gave that as the very reasoning for the game being pulled. Oddly, Swing Copters seems to follow suit with this concept, featuring a character with a helicopter for a hat who successfully or not manages to vertically navigate through gates and swinging hammers.

Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Think again. It took me a good at least ten retries before making it through the first gate—but maybe you can do better. After about five minutes, I think I’m just about done trying. Head on over to the App Store

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