With beta 5 of iOS 16 returns one of the most loved graphics and regrets unanimously by most Apple users: the percentage of the battery.

Starting with the iPhone X, with the adoption of the new design and the introduction of notches and face-IDs, the reduced space at the top of the screen forced Apple to remove the percentage of remaining charge. With iOS 16 iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and future iPhone 14 (with the exception of the “mini” models) will again have the ability to view the percentage, which is added in the middle of the dynamic battery icon.

The novelty will be optional and can be activated through a special switch, added in the settings menu dedicated to the battery. The percentage will appear white or black on a contrasting background depending on the chosen wallpaper, on a yellow background in energy-saving mode and accompanied by the lightning icon on a green background while charging the battery.

This is certainly not a striking and revolutionary novelty, but rather a return to the past and a retreat by Apple. However, I am sure that being able to take advantage of the percentage again will please many who will find it easier and more immediate to control the available autonomy at a glance.

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