welloWello, a new iPhone case by technology and science company Azoi, aims at providing an easy way to monitor vital signs with sensors embedded directly in the accessory. As first reported by GigaOM, Wello will become available this Fall in the US at $199.

Just like most iPhone cases, the Wello covers the back of the iPhone to offer protection for the device. Inside the case, however, Azoi built sensors and a chip that, communicating with Bluetooth Low Energy with an iPhone app, can track and archive heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, temperature, electrocardiography (ECG), and respiration. Through a separate, attachable spirometer, Wello can also measure lung capacity and air flow; to use Wello, you just hold your phone up as shown in the promo video and wait a few seconds for the system to process data and pass it to the app.

Wello won’t offer diagnoses or prescribe medications – it’s meant to replace checkups that normally require specialized equipment at a doctor’s office, or a basic knowledge on how to operate them at home. By using a simple touch interaction and the convenience of software, Wello can store and track data digitally, finding patterns over time that can be shown to a doctor to offer a better representation of health stats. The Wello is waiting for FDA approval, and, according to today’s announcement, daily usage will grant the device two months of battery life on a single charge.

Azoi is also thinking on making sure Wello can understand physical activity data from fitness-oriented wearable devices: today, the company has confirmed that Wello will be compatible with the FitBit API, allowing Wello to sync with a FitBit and keep data in one place. The Wello app will have support for multiple users, providing a personalized dashboard for each family member.

Wello comes at an interesting time, with Apple reportedly getting ready to announce a wearable device capable of measuring health data and interacting with iOS devices later this year. More details, including a FAQ, can be found at Azoi’s website.

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