15 December is finally here, and fans around the world can rejoice in the arrival of the App Store, the first license for mobile devices starring Super Mario, Nintendo’s iconic character. Here comes Super Mario Run!

A new Mario game that you can deal with one hand. In this game, Mario moves forward relentlessly in each level, performing in a variety of jumps. Depending on how you touch the screen, Mario will move in a different way, he will perform the skillful moves and collect coins till finally reaching the finish line.

Around the worlds

  • Run and jumped in style to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser!
  • Work your way through plains, caves, houses infested with ghosts, flying sailing ships, castles … and much more!
  • You will have 6 worlds with a total of 24 original levels, created specifically to be played with one hand!

Toad challenges

  • Rich style moves performed by addressing your friends or users from all over the world.
  • In this exciting mode, the challenge is different every time you play.
  • Check yourself with other players and try to get the highest score moves flaunting rich style and collecting coins to send into raptures Toad. If you get their support, the Toad will come to live in your kingdom.
  • And if your moves are truly spectacular, you will start the Gold Rush!


  • Get coins and the favor of the Toad to build a kingdom all yours!
  • Create your very own kingdom by adding buildings and other elements that you can achieve with the help of Toad at Toad won Challenges.
  • Thanks to the Toad support, you can build and customize your kingdom to make it bigger and shining.

As you probably know, Super Mario Run can be downloaded free from the App Store, but to unlock all levels (then the full game) requires a payment of $9.99 via in-app purchase. To find out all about the new Super Mario Run;

Here is a gameplay video:

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