Spotify will now create a playlist for our pets

Spotify has announced the launch of a new pet playlist generator.

The streaming service claims to have conducted a survey on how pet owners use music with their pets and found that 71% of pet owners play music for them.

The results are interesting because they show that, more often than not, humans also think about the emotional well-being of their pets, with 70% of pet owners considering daily the emotional well-being of their pets. In addition, 8 out of 10 people believe that their pets like music and about 46% of people believe that music is anti-stress for their four-legged friends.

Spotify has created a way for subscribers to create an algorithmically generated playlist that they can enjoy with their pets. Below are instructions on how to generate a playlist.

Here’s how:
● Step 1: choose your pet.
You can choose between a dog, a cat, an iguana, a hamster or a bird.

● Step 2: Tell us about your pet.
From relaxed versus energetic to shy versus friendly, select which trait best matches your pet’s personality: it will help us choose the atmosphere of the playlist.

● Step 3: add a name and photo.
The playlist cover will contain the name and photo of your pet so you can keep the memory forever and you will also receive a personalized sharing card!

● Step 4: listen and share.
Once completed, grab your playlist and listen, dance or sing. So, feel free to share (and compare) your playlist on social media using #SpotifyPets.

Try the new Spotify feature .

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