It has the same functions as Clubhouse with a few more Sprints as well as the immensity of the Spotify platform: LIVE Audio that can be transformed into Podcasts to spread to everyone

The Spotify clone of Clubhouse has arrived. The company had announced it for some time and now it can be downloaded from both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Destined to make Clubhouse disappear definitively, the “vocal” social network that we haven’t heard about for a few months.

Basically it allows you to create rooms within various categories. Depending on the category and theme chosen, a live audio session will begin, which other people (spectators) can watch and listen to. If desired, some people can “raise their hand” and ask to speak, thus being included in the talk and being able to have their say.

With Spotify’s Greenroom, creators can also make money. This is because the conversations can be recorded and released later as a Podcast. Users will be able to directly finance the creators both in direct and with paid podcasts.

From a graphic point of view it is very similar to Clubhouse and it is difficult that from now on we will hear more about this social network.

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