There are only 5 headphones compatible with the new Space Audio that Apple is trying to make a standard that distinguishes its very high audio quality. Do not confuse Dolby Atmos technology with Space Audio: they are two different things and the headphones may only support Dolby Atmos but not spatial audio. In this article you will find the list of 5 headsets with Space Audio

Apple Music for a few days has been able to offer music in Dolby Atmos format compatible with different models of headphones. To all this is added the Spatial Audio, which instead is available with only 5 models of headphones. With iOS 15 and macOS Monterey we will find support for spatial audio in practically everything, in FaceTime and at the system level, it will also be extended to video from the web and streaming platforms.

In a nutshell, Space Audio will become a new standard on Apple devices but, as you know, you need to have special headphones to be able to activate the function and hear the difference. Let’s see in this article which are the only 5 headphones that allow you to listen in Spatial Audio.

What is Space Audio and what makes it possible

In order for any song or audio track to be listened to with Spatial Audio, at least one Dolby Digital 5.1 or Dolby Digital or, better still, Dolby Atmos encoding is required .

But be careful: Having a song in Dolby Atmos does not mean that it will necessarily be played with Spatial Audio  In fact, things are distinct and separate. To be able to enjoy spatial audio, you will need a pair of headphones equipped with sensors that can detect your position in space and therefore understand how they are or how you move your head.

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