You asked us to list the functions that you will not find on Monterey if you have an older Mac and in this article you will find the complete list

During the WWDC21 Keynote all the new features of macOS Monterey were shown but no one has ever explained that some of them will not be available on all Macs upgradeable in Monterey

In fact, some functions will be exclusive to Macs with M1 processor and will not arrive on Intel Macs.

In reality this choice makes perfect sense. By early 2022, Apple will have a full lineup of computers that will only use Apple Silicon processors. The major innovations from now on will be studied, optimized and implemented only for this architecture, completely different from the Intel one.

Thanks to the same ARM architecture on both Macs and mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad, Apple can standardize the functions between the various operating systems and make them fluid and reliable.

On all Macs we will find the new Safari, Universal Control, the news of the Notes app, the “shared with you” function, SharePlay and so on but other news will only be available on the Mac M1, such as:

  • Portrait Mode in FaceTime: This is a function that blurs the background and sharpens only the person in front of the camera, creating a very professional effect.
  • Recognition of text in photos: the ability to interact with text in photos with the ability to copy, paste, use lookup, translator and quat’antro. Live Text will work in Photos, screenshots in Quick Look and in Safari.
  • Maps: There will be an interactive globe that we can rotate and then zoom in with extreme fluidity with a level of detail that will gradually grow. It is Apple’s new way to allow us to explore a new city, also useful for predicting travel. It will work with San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London and other cities that will gradually be added.
  • Object Capture: it’s a real cool! It allows users to take very normal photos from different angles of an object and then through this software the images will be processed creating a 3D object to be used with augmented reality. We will then have digitized it without any effort, we will be able to rotate it 360 ° and place it where we want in our room with the AR. This feature will only be available on M1 Macs with at least 16GB of RAM.
  • Siri: The ability to read text naturally in different languages ​​will only be available on Mac M1s.
  • On-device dictation: The ability to dictate the text to be transcribed automatically by processing our voice on the device, locally, instead of sending our recordings to a server.
  • The function initializes settings and content , to quickly format the Mac

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