The next time you’re sending lurid photos to people on Snapchat, why not make things interesting by putting some money on it? No, wait. I’m sure that’ll never happen. Snapchat’s new Snapcash service was designed with help from Square to make sending money as easy as sharing photos. Unsure? Just watch this super-weird 2-minute song and dance explainer.

So here’s the deal—enter your debit card information in the Snapchat app and it will be securely saved by Square. When you want to send money, just open a chat and enter a dollar sign followed by the amount you want to send. Hit the button and off it goes. This is basically Square Cash in a Snapchat wrapper.
Snapcash is available in the US for users over 18 years old who have a debit card. Make sure to check out the YouTube page for above video. It has all the lyrics to the song, which I know you’re going to be humming all day

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